“A RISING TIDE” – Today, 15 youth-serving sports Members from Lawrence, reaching between 3,000 to 4,000 youth annually, are part of the Alliance. The goal is for the Alliance to continue bringing these Members together to foster shared learning, expand resources, engage in advocacy so the sports based youth development sector in Lawrence is strengthened and provides better quality sports and related enrichment programming for deserving youth.

The Alliance is currently adding new Members and seeking Advisory Members who are also focused on addressing sport and health equities and can contribute to our collective goals

Suenos Basketball
Lawrence Pop Warner & Cheer:
South Lawrence East Baseball:
Serving Stars Tennis
South Lawrence East Baseball:
Beyond Volley
New England Hoops Academy
Mercedes Baseball Academy:
City Youth League
Gladiators Basketball
Lawrence Legion
Hitters Home
Central Little League
South Lawrence East Baseball

LSA is part of the National Movement of Sport Equity, which through college action, is creating a nation-wide movement to transform the youth sports landscape into a space for growth, healing, and wellness accessible to all. …Just link it to a larger logo version of this document