To enhance the capacity and impact of youth-serving sports organizations in Lawrence through an interconnected support system that provides every child with the necessary physical, emotional, and social skills to succeed in life.


All Lawrence children will have equal access and opportunity to engage in quality sports and athletic programs, grounded in the principles of positive sports-based youth development.

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From #LSLA2022! Spark Fitness & Tennis Club working out our #LSLA2022 student athletes!

“It is so great to have an opportunity like this to be with student-athletes from other sports and schools and workout together. Thanks for this and it also doesn’t cost anything. I’d be doing nothing at home if this wasn’t offered.”

LSLA 2022 Participant

“I can’t believe how much more prepared I feel for my fall soccer tryout. I am heading to a new school and I feel much more confident.”

LSLA Soccer Participant

Through Partnerships More Kids are #PlayingBall!

It was a success! 200+ Lawrence boys and girls, ages 5-12 participated in the Red Sox’s #PlayballWeekend in Lawrence which was all about increasing baseball and softball participation in Lawrence through a #teameffort. This no-cost #RBI clinic included Wally the Green Monster –Tessie too–with lots of behind-the-scenes prep and planning with the Red Sox Foundation staff plus local sports leaders through the Alliance to make sure. The Red Sox highlighted it BELOW.

2022 was a success!

The Lawrence Sports Leadership Academy, a first-of-its-kind multi-sport effort and the genesis of much of the City’s ongoing sports collaboration returned in 2019 after a trying timeout from sports! Read more about its 2016 start and its 2022 efforts!

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Read about the Alliance’s Summer Empowered Youth Leaders & Mentor Model that collectively impacted more than 2,000 youth in summer 2021 thanks to a grant from the City of Lawrence! “Being part of the empowered youth leadership program helped me learn new skills that I can use to improve my academics and it will take the burden from my mom because I can purchase my school supplies and uniform.” –Emmamuell, Suenos Basketball, & Community Day Public Charter School


RBI Program Invests in Lawrence Baseball! It’s impossible to sum up the significance of this partnership. It’s helping reviving the sport through a collaboration spirit and especially leaning on sports leaders with the history, passion and commitment to make sure ALL kids can #playball…Read More!


LSA is part of the National Movement of Sport Equity, which through college action, is creating a nationwide movement to transform the youth sports landscape into a space for growth, healing, and wellness accessible to all.